577. Clearaudio Universal Pivoted Tonearm

Available in either 9 inch or 12 inch length. Please specify when ordering. The VTA Lifter option requires a special arm board, which is available separately. Features a very high precision vertical and horizontal ball bearing units and the use of the lightweight, but extremely stiff carbon fiber are quality and performance features of this tonearm. Available with either an attached 1 meter Clearaudio SixStream cable with RCA terminations or an RCA junction box with RCA jacks. Please specify when ordering. For more information and specification for this tonearm please visit our Clearaudio Tonearm Product Information page. Free shipping included to addresses in the USA. COMBINE THIS PURCHASE WITH ANY CLEARAUDIO TURNTABLE, PHONO CARTRIDGE, PHONO PREAMP, ETC. FOR SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS. CALL OR EMAIL US FOR DETAILS.
577. Clearaudio Universal Pivoted Tonearm
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